Charging Stations Map


How To Locate Public Charging Stations

How do I find public charging stations? There are four ways you can locate level I (120 volt) and / or level II (240 volt) public charging stations in Central Florida.

1. New, free apps are now available to locate all Level I / II charging stations (not just ChargePoint stations) in North America. Click Here for more information:, and

2. Using the GPS system that comes standard with most electric vehicles you will easily be able to navigate to the nearest public charging station. GRCF plans to work with vehicle manufacturers to keep their database of public charging stations accurate and up-to-date.

3. The Alternative Fuels Data Center provides a comprehensive list of “Acive” Public Charging Stations in North America: .

4. Looking for signage in public parking areas with designated Electric Vehicle charging locations. Level I & II (120 &240 volt) chargers will be strategically located at: shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, libraries, hotels, theme parks, apartment complexes, public parks and buildings – basically, anywhere people will congregate and stay for at least an hour.  This is usually enough time to power-up most vehicles for extended range.