Get Ready Central Florida (GRCF), a coalition consisting of government, utilities and electric transportation enthusiasts are driving the effort to develop a network of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, also know as Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) throughout Central Florida.

Orlando was one of nine cities nationwide to be the recipient of a grant awarded to Coulomb (EVSE Manufacturer) by the Department of Energy to deploy public charging stations within a 70-mile radius of downtown Orlando. Over 300 public EVSE will be installed at: shopping centers, libraries, parks, restaurants, community centers, movie theaters, theme parks, hotels, airports and a variety of other public locations. This will help to eliminate Range Anxiety that may be experienced by long distance commuters driving the new highway-ready electric vehicles.

Although electric vehicles can be charged using a standard 120-volt outlet and an extension cord, GRCF is working with Building Officials and Code Inspectors to streamline the permitting process for installing 240-volt fast chargers in residential homes, businesses and at public locations throughout Central Florida. Several Public charging stations have been installed throughout Florida – some notable sites are: the Central Florida Zoo, Orlando City Hall and the Orlando Science Center. Many others are being installed daily. Please refer to our electric charging station locator map to find a charging station near you.