Once you decide to purchase an Electric Vehicle or fleet of vehicles you will need to install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations or Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) to keep your vehicle(s) powered up.  If you are a business owner interested in attracting “green” customers or clients it would be a good idea to install EVSEs in your parking area.

If you plan to install a commercial charging station and live within a 70 mile radius of Downtown Orlando you may qualify for a free charging station through the Charge Point America grant program.  Click here for details on the program and an application.

Nova Charge is the company involved with installing EVSE through the Charge Point America grant program.  After you submit an online application for a charging station you will receive notification regarding selection.  Criteria for selection include, but are not limited to:

  • Public Location Expecting High Traffic Volume
  • Visible Site Easily Accessible
  • Close Proximity to Building or Electrical Transformer (Typically < 150’ to avoid line loss.
  • Avoiding the disruption of asphalt or concrete will help to lower installation costs

If you qualify for a free charging station through the Charge Point America grant, Nova Charge can assist you with Electrical Contractor Selection.  Some companies that have been installing EVSE in Central Florida that may be able to provide price quotes are: Palmer Electric and K&K Electric .  Most licensed electrical contractors should be able to provide you with an installation quote.  As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to ask the contractor you select if they have installed EVSE before and to check references.

2011 Brings New Opportunities For EVSE Installers

In addition to grid connected Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE), the Orlando Utilities Commission is currently seeking vendors capable of installing Solar Charging Stations in their service territory.  If you are an EVSE vendor interested in installing Photo Voltaic charging stations:  click here for information on about this newly released RFP (request for proposal).