Future Projects

 Better Signage & Enforcement needed to prevent gasoline  vehicles from parking in dedicated charging station spaces.  Perhaps use signage similar to what is used for handicapped parking spaces – listing potential fines as a deterrent.





Universal signage & parking space marking to delineate charging stations is needed.  Currently each state has their own versions of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) signage.  Developing universal signage needs to be addressed by the Department of Transportation (DOT).  Place EVSE signage at hwy off ramps to direct visitors to the nearest charging station.  Investigate incentives for EV’s through Florida’s Expressway Authority, such as providing free or reduced tolls for Electric Vehicles.




In Order to determine EV market penetration – we need to work with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to develop tracking procedures for EV’s through vehicle registrations.  Currently many DMV’s nationwide do not track EV registrations, making it difficult to determine if EV sales are improving in certain areas.



Develop a marketing strategy, whereas Orlando visitors can lease an EV at airports or Sunrail stops and use them to travel to EVSE assessable hotels, theme parks, restaurants and convention centers.  This will support businesses that host EVSE and make traveling easier for visitors, whereas refueling can be done at each destination during their travels. By using EVs over gasoline vehicles, visitors are driving cleaner, more efficient vehicles, supporting the local economy, and are more inclined to purchase an EV after driving one on vacation.  This concept adheres to Orange County’s Sustainability Initiative.