Present Projects

GRCF Hosts Five Electric Vehicle Workshops in 2012 

In Early 2012, GRCF hosted their fourth annual Electric Transportation Summit at the county’s U.F. IFAS Extension Center.  A variety of electric cars, trucks and motorcycles were showcased by vehicle manufacturers and early adopters, who have embraced this new technology.

 Electric Vehicle (EV) enthusiasts were able to recharge their rides, using two of the thirty-two newly installed public electric charging stations located on county property. Throughout 2012 Orange County was the recipient of two grants for the installation of 14, level one (120 volt) and 18, level 2 (240 volt) public charging stations.  Chargers were strategically located at places residents and visitors would frequent for about an hour.

  Additional EV workshops were held throughout the year at Lake Eola, Valencia Community College, Seminole State College and along the International Drive corridor – also known as “Electric Avenue.”  By the end of 2012, over 300 public charging stations have been installed within a 300 mile radius of Downtown Orlando, making Orange County a national leader in Electric Transportation.