Who We Are


Get Ready Central Florida was  spearheaded in 2009 by Orange County government with core stakeholders. A signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Rocky Mountain Institute enabled Orlando to become the first “Project Get Ready City in Florida. This connected GRCF with other EV Ready Cities in North America to share ideas.


Orlando Seized the opportunity to become a “ChargePoint America” city. Through the efforts of GRCF, Orlando became one of nine cities nationwide to receive Department of Energy funding to install public charging stations. Currently, more than 300 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment have been installed, within a 70-mile radius of downtown Orlando – one of the largest infrastructure projects in the nation.



Economic Development Improvements. A strong EV infrastructure in Central Florida created a launch market for several EVs: Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, Ford Focus & C-Max, Tesla Roadster et al. Without the infrastructure these vehicles would never have been released in Central Florida.  Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment companies have been attracted as well.


Streamlined the Permitting Process. GRCF met with the Building Officials of Florida and municipal electrical inspectors about the EVSE installation process. This alleviated misconceptions and expedited the permitting process from weeks to about two days. View the map listing EVSE projects, locations and events.


Economical Benefits. Many area businesses, such as Frito Lay, use all-electric delivery trucks in Orlando (part of their more than 2,000 North American EV fleet). They are reporting fuel savings greater than 700,000 gallons per year.


Environmental Benefits. EV’s emit 75 percent fewer Greenhouse Gases than traditional vehicles. Extended range EV’s achieve mileage of more than 45 mpg – resulting in less carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, organic vapors and particulate matter, released into the air. Solar charging stations, as well as solar farms operated by power plants, are used to further reduce emissions.


Education & Outreach. GRCF hosts annual EV workshops for businesses, government fleets, etc., and uses fleet EVs for demonstrations. With more than 400 stakeholders, we recently became the electric transportation arm of the Central Florida Clean Cities coalition. We monitor EV sales throughout Central Florida to gauge outreach success. From December 2010 to December 2012 Florida’s EV sales have increased incrementally.